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Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, 85AW Brushless Motor Deep Cleaner for Household Hard Floor & Carpet, 25Kpa Powerful Cleaner w/ 6-Cell 2200mAh Safety Proof Battery, Lightweight Pet Hair Vacuum

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  • ☘️【85AW Brushless Motor】AirWatt is the most critical information to calculate the suction efficiency of a Vacuum Cleaner. The level of 85AW means our Cordless Vacuum Cleaner has a superfluous suction power for deep cleaning on All Floor Types such as Carpet, Wood Floor, and Ceramic Tile.
  • ☘️【99.99% Particle Filtration】We apply a 4 Stage Filtration System to filter 99.99% of the dust from secondary polution. Cyclone Seperation, Cylinder Filtration, Hepa filtration, and Sponge Filtration, from the very top they capture dust size down to 0.3 micron, and make sure only fresh air breeze out from our Vacuum Cleaner.
  • ☘️【2 Suction Modes】Our Stick Vacuum applies 2 Automatic Suction Modes: Standard Mode & Strong Mode. The Standard Mode works with a 15Kpa suction power, strong enough to clean most surface dust and light particles; and the Strong Mode, working with a 25Kpa, has an excessive power efficiency for deep cleaning. Both mode can be freely switched by pushing 1 button. We recommend use the strong mode to clean blanket, bed and sofa.
  • ☘️【Long Operation Time】Our 6-Cell 2200mAh Power Battery is UL 1642 Safety-Proved, with the latest standard of safe test. Auto Running time for Standard Mode is 40 min, and for Strong Mode is 20 min. This will be long enough to finish most of the clean work.
  • ☘️【Upgraded LED Head Light Brush】Our Floor Brush Head features a built-in LED Head Light, with its Flexible Angle Design, you can thoroghly clean the under-funiture area in your house smoothly. 90° Up & Down and 180° Sideway swivel pivot allows it turn in a large scale. The inside brush is also removable for wash and replaceable for different floor type. The package comes with a hard brush for carpets and fluffy brush for hard floor.
  • ☘️【4 Cyclone Spin Design】We apply the latest cyclone technology in our vacuum motor for particle separation. Unlike the non-cyclone motors in most vacuum cleaner in the market, the cyclones can turbo up the air spinning efficiency in the dust cup, making us of the centrifugal force to keep the larger particles aside and prevent them from entering the motor. This design effectively ensures the durability of the suction power during operating and makes the whole working process with no pascal recession.
  • ☘️【4 Replacable Brush Heads】The package comes with 4 heads to fulfill all household cleaning needs. A standard floor and carpet brush for common cleaning, a gap nozzle to clean sofa and funiture gaps and wall corners, a 2-IN-1 Brush Nozzle for funiture, laptop, appliance clean, and a sheet brush for bed clean.
  • ☘️【0.8L Extra Large Dust Cup】Unlike others' 0.6L Dust Cups, we enhance the capacity of the dust cup for better particle storage. This will be friendly to family with pets in which pet hair could be a primary cleaning project. By allowing more particles stay in, this extra large dust cup also help prolong the working time.
  • ☘️【Package Included】Vaccum Cleaner Motor with Dust Cup (Battery Pre-installed), Stretchable Tube, LED Head with Replaceable Hard Brush and Fluffy Brush, Tabular Gap Nozzle, 2-IN-1 Furniture Brush Nozzle, Blanket and Bed Brush Head, Wall Hanger, Wire Charger, Instruction Manual, Extra HEPA Filter
  • ☘️【1 Year Warrenty】We provide our product with 365 days of Warrenty from the date of delivery. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question.